Group Tennis Lessons

Group Tennis Lessons

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1. Private and Small Group Tennis Fees.

Location of Group Tennis Lessons

Group Tennis Lessons can be done as private group or  public group.

  1. Your Condominium Tennis Court
  2. Public Tennis Centres
  3. Country Clubs
  4. Community Club Tennis Courts
  5. Civil Defence Association for National Servicemen (CDANS)
  6. Civil Service Club (CSC)- Bukit Butok or Tessensohn
  7. Public & Private Schools or Tertiaries Institutions [(NUS, NTU, SIM, SMU, SIT, SUTD); (NAFA, MDIS, SOA); (NP, NYP, RP, SP, TP); (ITE-East, ITE-West, ITE Centre)]
  8. Singapore Public Tennis Centres
  9. Singapore Armed Forces Reservists Association (SAFRA)

One of the most popular tennis trainings available is Group Tennis Lessons.

Group tennis lessons are normally organised in age-groups [Toddler lessons – (5-7 yrs) kids lessons-(8 to 10); Teens; Ladies lessons; Adult group] with different levels (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) by the tennis club.

Aside from these grouping, there are some unique arrangement such as;

  1. Corporate/company tennis lessons
  2. Couple tennis lessons (Husband & Wife or Boy-Girl friends Group)
  3. Families tennis lessons (Parents & Kids)
  4. Friends tennis lessons
  5. Holiday Kids Tennis Camp / Programme
  6. Parents & Toddler group*
  7. Other special request can be accommodated, such as looking for a partner or a group lessons

Private Group Tennis Lessons

Private Group Tennis Lessons consist of students who know each other and the maximum student per group is 4. Special arrangement can be done if students want more students in a group lessons. For group lesson with more than 4 students, the training duration will be increase from the uaual 1 hr to 1.5 to 2 hours.

Benefits of a  Private Group Tennis Lessons, able to postpone the group lesson, as long as all the players in the group agree on the postponement. Make up lesson for the postponed lessons should be done within the week to ensure continuity /progression of training.  Students are encouraged not to sign up if they are frequently away from lessons as this will result in poor skill development. All tennis package MUST be completed in 3 months.

Public Group Tennis Lessons

Public Group Tennis Lessons consist of students who do not know each other. They simply sign up for a group lessons and the tennis club will assign a group nearest to the student’s home of work locations. Students are also assigned based on their level of play, such as beginner public group tennis lessons to advanced public group lessons.

Similar to private group lessons, Students are encouraged not to sign up if they are frequently away from lessons as this will result in poor skill development. All tennis package MUST be completed in 3 months; (you can take 4 weeks “leave”).

There is no make up lessons for public group lessons, if a student were to missed a lessons due to whatever reason, the coach fees will be as per charged.

Going for group tennis lessons has its distinct benefits. This is why some people opt to enroll in such instead of availing one-on-one training sessions.

1.Social Closeness

Forming or joining group tennis lessons is a way to foster closeness with family and friends. It is a formal of activities most people would want to have as it not only helps the family and friend to keep fit by exercising. It also a great opportunity for them to communicate and share. In this fast pace society, there are hard time to balance, work-family/friend-exercise. Why not combine them all and have a great time learning a new sport and spend time together. Email us and we will assist you to fulfil your desire of exercising and spending time with family and friends.

2. Cheaper Rates for the Lessons

One of the biggest benefits of attending lessons held for groups of people is the fact that these are generally cheaper. Since many students can split up the fees and used for other expenses such as court rental and equipment rental, then one can definitely have the advantage of paying a more affordable price.

Group Tennis Lessons are charges between $30 to $50 each per hour, this is dependance on the number of student in a group. For a beginner group the rate is from $30 to $45. For intermediate/advanced group, the rate is from $40 to $50.

3. Motivation from Competition

In any sports, it cannot be helped that people will compare themselves with one another. Competition naturally stems within the group, especially if there are exercises that are done in competitive games. For instance, if the coach divides the class into smaller groups or pairs for a mock tournament, this may fire up the students’ drive to compete and show that they are winners. Hence they will tend to be more motivated in doing their best for egoistic reasons. It is natural for people to also get a sense of accomplishment when they are able to show others up and when they are recognized for their skills and abilities in front of an audience.

4.Pushing Forward in Fun and Play

Oftentimes, some coaches or instructors of tennis lessons provide fun activities and exercises for the students to learn basic forms and moves and to be able to practice the game. Sometimes there are even physical games done just to loosen up the muscles or develop strength and speed.  This is especially true for classes that involve children. In this regard, the students can actually build and enhance the essential skills and also learn the rules of the sport through fun and play. It becomes even more fun when the lessons are done for people who are very familiar and at ease with one another.

With these wonderful benefits that group tennis lessons can provide, it is certainly a great option for many to consider whether their goal is to actually learn tennis or just to have some fun, bonding moments.