Tennis Games

Tennis Games

The Friendly Game is meant for Epic students who are currently taking lessons with us.

Date: Oct-Dec 2017

Type: Double kockout

League System: Winner-3 points, Runner-Up-1 point (the top 4 player will face off in the Grand final)

No. of Match: Each player will play as many matches depending on the no. of player registered.

  • Player A/B vs Player C/D (1 GAME)
  • Player A/C vs Player B/D (2 GAME)
  • Player A/D vs Player B/C (3 GAME)

Fess: $5 per Game per student for double or $10 per Game for individual play

Estimated Time per match: 1 hr

SINGLES/DOUBLE Matches point system

  • ONE (1) SET is played to EIGHT GAMES POINT
  • NO Tie-Break,  therefore won at 8-0, 8-1, 8-2, … 8,7
  • NO-AD SCORING shall be used 15, 30, 40, a point

Tournament Balls: Teloon Pound / Teloon LUX Q1 (Intermediate /Advanced Player) ; Teloon Green Dot (Beginner Player)

Umpiring: No umpire present, student will have to count their points

Prize: Trophies


  • Students play at their own risk, Epic Tennis and our coaches shall NOT be responsible for any injury or loss of life, or any other mishaps during the Game.
  • Students are to take cars of their valuables or other personal belongings.
  • Students are to abide to the Rules and Regulation of the sport Singapore facilities.