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Tennis Lessons Package

(NOT a one size fit all programme – subjected to individual abilities)

1) Skills Assessment. 2) Student/Parent-Coach Assessment. 3) Introduction to Tennis racquet and shoe selection.
1) Basic Footwork/ Co-ordinations Workout. 2) Basic Rules of Tennis. 3) Basic Drills. 4) Hand Grip (Eastern & Continental grips).
1) Basic forehand groundstroke. 2) Basic backhand groundstroke
1) Basic forehand Volley. 2) Basic backhand Volley.
1) Basic Under Hand Serve. 2) Basic Over Head Serve.

Basic Drills

  • Hand Dribble
  • Toss & Catch with proper stand
  • Roll & Catch with proper stand
  • Racket Dribble
  • Ball Pickup with Racket
  • Ball Carrying on Racket
It is very important to build a good foundation. Hence at our tennis club, we focus on a lot of attention on the basic skill. Students MUST be aware that each learner is different, some may pick up tennis within the 8 lessons while other may take longer.

Ever have the following problems and YOU do not know WHY?

Why my tennis ball keeps flying out of the court and worst still over the fences?

Why the racket twists in my hand When I hit the ball?

Why it seems that I do not have enough time to hit the ball and I kept missing the ball?

Why can’t I hit with power?

Why can’t I control the direction of the ball?

Why don’t the ball listen to me? I want the ball to be places near the baseline?

Why is my shot always inconsistent?

Why my serves keeps going wide?

Why my serves are inconsistent?

Why I do not have enough time to return a serve

  •  Ever have a Tennis coach who is very good in playing tennis BUT cannot teach or point out your mistake?

  • Ever feel that you have been learning tennis so Long and you have not progress or improved?

Have the skills of Playing Tennis DO NOT make a tennis player a GOOD Tennis Coach- A Good Tennis Coach MUST possess the coaching or the pedagogy skills in teaching.


Our Coaches will be able to help you to solve all the these problems as they are professional with NCAP, USPTR, ITF, USPTA Pro certifications

We can coach you at your condominium or at any suitable location near your home or work place.

“Thank you Tennis Club for your excellent service. The coach provided by the club have excellent skills. Their instructional skill is very good, my children have improved so many. Thank you Coach Daniel for a Great Job done”

Stella, Mandarin Gardens, East Coast

“The staff from Apice Tennis Club is very efficient, within an hour, I was being assigned a coach. The coach is very good, he is able to correct all my mistake and now I can play Good Tennis”

Mayuko, Laguna Park, East Coast