FAQ Group Tennis Lessons

Q1: Is there a minimum age for Group to Learn Tennis?
 There is no minimum age for adult, ladies, mixed, kids, corporate Group Lessons to learn tennis. 
Q2: Is there a minimum number for Group to Learn Tennis?
Yes, minimum number is 2 🙂 
 Q3: What is the maximum number of students for Group to Learn Tennis and the duration of the lesson?

This depend on the students, normally 2-4 students- 1hr, more than 4 students-1.5 to 2hrs
Q4: Why is group lessons cheaper than individual lessons?
Individual lesson or 1-1 private tennis lesson has 100% coaches’ attention whereas group lesson, the coaches’ attention is divided equally with the number of students.
Q5: Where are these groups tennis lessons held?
Most of the groups lessons are held in the public tennis courts, tertiary institutions, clubs, private condominium or at our tennis club.
Q6: What type of group lessons are there?
 There are adultladies, mixed/husband & wife/boy & girl friends,Family, kidscorporate Group Lessons. 
Q7: If we cannot join the clubs’ group lessons schedule, can we form a group by ourselves?
Yes you can, fill up the quick registration at the right hand side and indicate the number of players and location. 
Q8: I do not have friend joining me for tennis lesson, can seek the help of the club to find others to join the tennis lessons?
Yes you can, Form Your Own Group Lessons at your Desire Venue, we will help to publicise the location.