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Tennis Lessons at Meyer and Amber District

Located at the Eastern part of Singapore, Our Tennis Coaches are able to travel to any part of the island to conduct tennis lessons for you any any time . Fill in the form below and our coach will contact you within the next 24 hours.

Tennis Lessons at East Coast & Marine Parade District

We have Tennis Lessons everywhere in East Coast and Marine Parade District. Past students have engaged our Tennis Coaches for Kids Tennis Lessons, Ladies Tennis Lessons, Group Tennis Lessons and Professional Tennis Lessons. Problem with coaches that cannot speak your native language? Problem finding a Tennis coach who  can start Tennis Lessons before you go […]

Icon Condominium

hank you Tennis Club for helping my son improving his skill, rather than spending time playing computer game he is now frequently out in the tennis court learning and playing tennis with me. Highly recommend your club and coaches to my friends who have issue with kids palying too much computer games Janet,

Signature Park Condominium

Signature Park Condominium

The coaches at the tennis club knows their stuff they are able to teach and generate interest in my 4 and 5 years old boys. Can’t wait to see if they are able to do well in tennis. Lee Mei  

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