Beginner Tennis Lessons

Beginner Tennis Lessons

 Beginner Tennis lessons for Newbies and what to lookout for?

The most important aspect of Learning Basic Tennis is to pick up a racket and start hitting to a wall or a friend. Never-ever learn tennis with a coach for life! Always learn the basic Tennis and start playing.

Basic Tennis Step by Step

1. Tennis Racket & Tennis Ball.

Juniors Ages 3-5- 19″ Racket

Juniors Ages 6-8 – 21″ Racket

Juniors Ages 9-10 – 25″ Racket

Juniors Ages 11+ – 26″ Racket

Age 12+ – Adult Racket

2. Attire

sport attire, with proper tennis shoe and bring along bottled water


3.Choosing the Right Coach

Always chose a Certified Coach who is Friendly, Firm, & Patient, plus able to spot your mistake and explain your errors in a non-threatening way. All of our coaches are screened, and certified with the right bodies. They attend quarterly training, to have the latest teaching/coaching  pedagogy.

4. What is covered in basic Tennis

  • Rules of the Games-“If you can’t Play at least you can watch and understand”
  • Ground-strokes- Single or Double Forehand, Backhand
  • Serve – (Underhand Serve to start playing), Overhead-advanced Player
  • Volley- Forehand Volley, Backhand Volley
  • and much more depending on your procession (learn at your own pace)

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