Avoiding Tennis Elbow

Avoiding Tennis Elbow

“What is Tennis Elbow? Will I get IT when I learn Tennis?”

Nowadays there are numerous interest in learning tennis from different age group of people; kids to senior citizens. With this increase, there are plenty of questions students or parents would like to ask example, “What is Tennis Elbow? Will I or my kids get IT when learning Tennis?”

The Answer is NO!

It does not matters whether a person is taking up tennis as a serious sport; training for competition or as a recreation playing to stay fit and healthy.

Because of this fear of suffering from tennis elbow, there are plenty of aspiring tennis players or students who seem quite apprehensive about pursuing this sport. No knowing that Tennis Elbow can be prevented with proper coaching method and proper warm-up activity.

In this article, hope to remove the doubt and fear of students when learning or contemplating of learning tennis lessons.

What is Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow got its name because it is a common condition among tennis players due to the repetitive movement of the arm and wrist that may cause strain on the elbow tendons. Considered a painful muscular condition concentrated in the elbow, it can truly take its toll on a person’s daily activities and of course on athletic preoccupations.

For those who have developed tennis elbow, a lot of pain is concentrated in the affected elbow. This pain may also spread over to the wrist as well as the forearm. It would be problematic for learners with tennis elbow to do simple things such as opening a door, holding a mug, or even shaking hands with someone.

Cause of Tennis Elbow

Simple Reason-Students are not being taught properly on the basic technical skills! 

Why learn Tennis from Unqualified Coaches and Risk yourself to this incurable agonising pain?


Because some tennis players are not trained well, especially those who simply plunge into the sport without proper education and training, there is a tendency to overwork the tendons in the elbow and this cause a lot of pain. It is therefore important for learners to have a good qualified tennis coach who can train them to execute different tennis movements correctly.

Improper Techniques Increases Risk of Developing Tennis Elbow

Students ought to be aware that this kind of condition is basically brought about by the recurrent tightening of the forearm muscles. Because of overuse and wrong motions during tennis, which cause the tissues in the elbow to be torn or swollen.

Other causes of tennis elbow include overexertion of the same muscles through painting, cutting and slicing of ingredients, use of plumbing tools, and too much strain due to use of the computer mouse.


1.Get a qualified coach for the tennis lessons

  • Tennis player can avoid getting tennis elbow by ensuring that they have proper training in this particular sport before trying it out or engaging in it seriously.
  • To do so, student can engage tennis coaches from us. Our coaches are equipped with the following qualifications; US PTR-Professional Tennis Registry certification; US PTA-Professional Tennis Association Certification; ITF-International Tennis Federation Certification and others.

2.Proper warm-up before training

  • Players should never forget to warm up before training or playing. It is important to stretch that elbow joints and other muscles group surrounding the elbow (to learn more about stretching click here).

3.Playing at your abilities

  • It is important not to overexert the use of the arms and wrists in whatever activity undertaken.
  • Individuals who engage in tennis have to ensure to rest from time to time especially if there are strains or soreness already felt in the muscles before the training start.

Prevention is certainly better than having to experience the pain of tennis elbow and suffer the consequences of this condition.

Professional tennis coaches are knowledgeable about it and will surely be able to give valuable tips on how to prevent it. Tennis students may also ask them about any other questions they may have about tennis elbow. Ask our Tennis Coach for advice if you have problem with tennis elbow.

Side Effect

Naturally, if a learner or even a professional has tennis elbow, he or she will simply not be able to play tennis. This has a tremendous negative effect on one’s game because it would be difficult to hold the racket properly or even lift it to hit the ball. More importantly, a person with tennis elbow risks damaging the tendon further if they insisted to keep on playing even with a mild condition.


Player should observe the symptoms for tennis elbow, he or she should consult a doctor / sports physio at once and avoid making use of the affected arm or engaging in strenuous activities. Several tests can be done to determine whether a player has tennis elbow. Example, MRI and x-ray to check the damage inside the elbow.

For most mild cases, tennis elbow can be treated with the application of ice along with rest and over-the-counter pain medication (Apply RICE method). However, in case of a severe condition, one has to try physio therapy that is focused on the arm and elbow area. The doctor may also recommend surgery in some cases.

Indeed in playing tennis whether for just one game or for a long time, it is important to get proper training from a highly skilled and experienced tennis coach who can also provide priceless knowledge and advice on how to avoid getting tennis elbow. Each and every one of our tennis coaches is well-versed with this condition and can guide students and players accordingly. Click here to see our qualified coaches and the type of lessons that we offers.